6 Practical Ways To Use Patchouli Essential Oil

 benefits of patchouli essential oil
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 benefits of patchouli essential oil

A Perennial Evergreen

For many years, patchouli essential oil has been well known as an insecticide, and the ability to repel insects made it famous for protecting fabrics and clothing. With the passing of time, additional health benefits of this essential oil were realized, and now, it is one of the better-known and more frequently used essential oils available. Patchouli essential oil is extracted from the leaves found on the patchouli plant (Pogostemon cablin or Pogostemon patchouli) through a distillation process.

Patchouli oil comes from a perennial evergreen and, being part of the Labiate family, is closely related to sage, lavender, and mint. It is thought that patchouli is a word that comes from patchai and ellai, Tamil words that mean "green leaf." It is also claimed that patchoi, a Hindustan word that means "to scent," is where it got its name, as it is often used for its fragrance.

patchouli essential oil uses

1Patchouli Can Reduce Body Temperature

Those who are suffering from an infectious fever may benefit from the body temperature-reducing benefits of patchouli essential oil. It can reduce inflammation that comes about as a result of the illness because it is an antiphlogistic. As a result of that property, it can do more than bring down the temperature of a fever; it can help with the inflammation and pain associated with the fever as well.

Many different types of fevers exist, including rheumatic fever, hay fever, and dengue fever. Children between five and 15 years of age may have problems with rheumatic fever, but hay fever, which occurs due to an allergic reaction, affects people of all ages. Mosquito bites are to blame for dengue fever, which is why it is often a problem in the subtropics and tropical regions. Additional fever types include remittent fever, relapsing fever, continuous fever, and hectic fever, among others.

 patchouli essential oil for the body

2Patchouli Helps Reduce Insect Infestations

Briefly discussed above was the fact that patchouli oil has insecticidal properties, and this was known during ancient times. We may enjoy the smell of this essential oil, but insects tend to stay away from it when they smell it. That is why it is often used in a variety of products, from vaporizers and fumigants to body lotions and even incense sticks.

It is effective at keeping bugs, such as lice, fleas, mosquitoes, bedbugs, and ants, away from linens and clothing, so it is often mixed with water when washing bed linens and clothing. You only need a few drops to repel the insects, but some people also burn the oil to keep them away all night. If you do plan on burning oil, be aware that the scent tends to stick to the fabric quickly.

 what is patchouli essential oil used for

3Patchouli Keeps The Skin Healthy

Patchouli oil has astonishing benefits to the skin. You should use it in your skincare facial routine every day. Up to two drops of this essential oil can be applied to your face daily to maintain a youthful complexion.

Many people use this essential oil on a regular basis, so their skin looks its best. A few drops of patchouli oil can be added to your moisturizer or even directly to the skin to experience these benefits. Not only will patchouli oil help with skin problems, but it can also help reduce the wrinkles appearing on the face.

 benefits of patchouli essential oil

4Patchouli Oil Is Great For Your Mood

If you suffer from depression, then this oil may be definitely what you need. Many people who suffer from profound sadness can overcome these feelings with the use of patchouli essential oil. Those who use aromatherapy are already well aware of this benefit.

Even if this essential oil was being used for another benefit, the relaxing, uplifting effect that it has on our inner emotions is often recognized. When the scent of patchouli essential oil is inhaled, it can cause different chemical reactions and the stimulation of hormones in the mind and body. Since pleasure hormones, such as dopamine and serotonin, are released, the stressful, sad, and anxious feelings we may have will seem to melt away.

 what is patchouli essential oil used for

5Patchouli Helps With Fever And Inflammation

Inflammation and fever often go hand in hand, but this essential oil soothes that inflammation effectively. It can even reduce the temperature directly. In other words, many different skin conditions can be treated effectively with this essential oil, along with internal inflammation when you have gout, arthritis, and other similar issues.

Many people don't realize that gout is actually an inflammatory type of arthritis. And when you have it, it can lead to swollen, hot, and extremely painful joints. The most common area to be affected by gout is the feet because blood flow is limited in the extremities, and it may be more prevalent in the big toe.

 benefits of patchouli essential oil

6Patchouli Oil Has Many Benefits For Your Health

Some benefits of patchouli oil are assisting in healing dermatitis, sores, psoriasis, and eczema. It can be used to relieve insect bites temporarily or to ease constipation. These are not just external and obvious benefits; they are often related to the qualities of this essential oil that was discussed earlier.

Some people may struggle with the strong smell of this essential oil, even though it is sweet. In fact, the scent may irritate some people, so be cautious when using it. You can often blend it with other essential oils, such as clary sage, lavender, geranium, and myrrh.

 benefits of patchouli essential oil

Southeast Asia has the claim on being the originating area for patchouli. It is no longer only cultivated in Southeast Asia today, but you can find it in many areas, including Indonesia, Malaysia, India, Philippines, South America, and even Hawaii. The white flowers of the plant are where patchouli oil is extracted. The oil is thick, has a brown or light yellow color, and tends to have a very earthy, strong, and sweet smell that may remind you of freshly cultivated soil. It may take some time to let the scent grow on you.

Unlike some essential oils, as patchouli ages, it gets better. As it ages, it can turn to a beautiful color of amber, and the scent becomes much more distinct. For thousands of years, people have been using patchouli. In fact, it was traded pound for pound with gold by early European traders.

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